My first Blender Project: Animated Music Video

I picked up Blender just over 3 weeks ago. In that time I went from learning how to use the interface to this video.

I still have so much to learn, but thanks to many of you in the Blender community and your generosity in creating and sharing documentation and tutorials, I was able to hone in on the exact things I wanted to do for modeling, lighting, and animation. I hope to create more animated music videos like this, only better as I continue to learn more about Blender.

A very huge and special thank you to Paweł Adamowicz (SirGagarin) for his fantastic MIDI Driver Python script, without which this animation would not have been possible.

Impressive stuff, espeically for such a new user.

very impressive
is blender your first 3d app?

@stevecameron: Thank you very much! =)

@Idh1109: No this isn’t the first 3D App I’ve used. I played with Gmax a bit about a decade ago to add scenery to MS Flight Simulator 2002 then 2004 and I’ve also played with E-on Vue pretty extensively. Having a grasp for how 3 space works and basic terminology such as faces, vertixes, edges, bezier, etc and knowing what to expect when placing a primitive or extruding certainly helped me in learning how to use Blender faster than someone who has never touched a 3D modeling application.