my first blender project

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I wanted to post some renderings from my first blender project. I’ve been doing 3d design for about 3 years but I’ve only been using blender for about 3 or 4 weeks.

I wanted to get some feedback from you other users out there. I did notice that on this monitor the image seems quite a bit brighter than on the computer that I do my 3d work on, so having said that they purple haze in the starfield is not supposed to be that noticeable. I also need to add in the model of the pilot sometime.

anyway I’m looking forward to the feedback. The link below will take you to the page where the renderings are. I tried on link the images to this post but they wouldn’t show up for some reason.


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I wanted to see if the image would show up now or not.

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Very nice, but definatly try to work on that purple haze thing you have goin on there, either that or have Jimmy Hendrix playing in the background when you do an animation!!! :wink:
Welcome to Blender, what 3D progs did you use before? And just out of curiousity, what are your impressions of Blender? It’s my first 3D prog, and to me its the bomb, and i would like to hear what someone else who started elsewhere thinks of it.
Anywayz, great work!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

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whoa…you just STARTED working in Blender??? damn, I’ve been learning it for about a year or so and couldn’t get anything even close to that quality…maybe it’s the experienece gathered while working on all those other proggies…guess I’ll have to wait untill I can get something like that. Really great work…how about a tutorial… :wink:

(BgDM) #5

Beautiful work. The lighting is excellent and the setting is great. I didn’t notice any purple haze, (all in my brain - sorry, couldn’t resist :wink: ), but that could just be my monitor settings.

The ship design seems a little plain, but it works.

Overall a very nice work.


(S68) #6

Pretti nice! Good start! I do notice a purple haze, and I found it most interesting :smiley:

Now crits.

Motion blur is fine, but in many images motion blur affects stars too :o and in an umpleasent way… you see a series of dots. Either push MBLUR up to 16 (By counting stars dups I’d bet is 5 now) or try not to have blurred stars :slight_smile:

Planet is great, but it is reddish, while halo atmosphere is bluish. This colour contrast burns my eyes, but this is just me 8)

Ship is pretty nice, and texture great, but those ‘wings’ are so unbevelled…

Kep it up, we’re waiting for great stuff.


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thanks for all the compliments and the crits, I find them really helpful.

Since this was my first Blender project I really wasn’t going for a great spaceship design , I was really just trying to keep things simple so I could get my feet wet with the program. I did buy the official 2.0 manual and the blender book.

I still do almost all of my modeling in a program called Rhinoceros 3D since it’s the best 3d modeler I’ve ever used. I got it back when I was working on my degree in computer aided design and I’ve just always used that program for 3d modeling. For animation and rendering I had been using cinema 4d GO, which is the cheapest version of the program they offer. Cinema 4d is a good program but you don’t get near as many high end features as you do with blender. In order to get the features that blender offers you would have to go up to the pro version which is about $2000 if I remember right.

I had seen blender a couple of years ago but I didn’t like using the program because I found it hard to work through, of course I didn’t have the manual or the blender book which made a huge difference in how quickly I learned the program. Plus I was lazy, I was used to cinema 4d at the time and didn’t want to put in the effort to learn another program. When I did decide to switch to blender I ended up uninstalling cinema 4d and now I’m totally hooked on blender.

There are still a lot of things that I don’t know how to do in blender but as with anything given enough time I’m sure I’ll get there. I’ve been trying to do some stuff with the terragen / blender script and I can’t get the terragen images to line up with the mesh in blender, so if anyone has any suggestions on that it would be a great help.

As for the crit on the motion blur, I’m still trying to get an understanding of how to use all those features. I thought the 5 times was the settng for the oversampling not the motion blur. I have the blur factor on 1 and the OSA on 5. As is the 10 second animation takes 59 hours to render out on my 1.3 ghz machine running 512 mb of ram. I think I’m going to upgrade to 1 ghz of ram when I get the chance.

At this point my only real complaints about blender are the fact that I can’t import another blender file without having to import each and every item seperately (at least I haven’t figured out any other way to do it) and the fact that there doesn’t seem to be an undo option like with most windows apps. But other than that I’m hooked on Blender.


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checked out your website, very cool stuff there. You might be able to help me understand how to use focal length on my camera so I can get an even more realistic image.


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Hey, thanks! Any help I can offer, you are welcome to take. Just ask away.

You will find that everyone here with experience using Blender will be more than happy to offer their assitance to anyone else.

/me gives the Blender community a big hug!


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The reason is because you have chosen to use Geocities. They don’t allow direct liking to your images.

Use (A kind and Generous Blenderhead provides this) That way you will be able to show your images here :wink:

Great work! Do you have any links to any of your other stuff? I’d be very interested to see it.

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I don’t have any other website at the moment. A friend of mine who I’ve done some engineering work for has a page or two hosted for me on his site. Or at least he did. You can see some of my other 3d models on that page if you want to ,

If that link doesn’t work let me know. All of the work on that site was done using Cinema 4D GO so there won’t be any other blender work there. As I start to get more and more stuff done I’ll start posting some of it to the web.


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Wow that’s a pretty cool starship! :smiley:

If you have to…you could check the link in my signature… :wink:

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Acctually, there is a way to do this mass append, i think theeth told me once how to do it, i cant remember what he told me to do. Maybe post a Q in the Questions forum, im sure someone will answer. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

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thanks… which starship? the red one or the one that I put a link to in the work in progress section?

the Red one was done for a friend of mine, I did a tv commercial for him so even though I designed the spaceship I don’t know if he would want me using it for anything else or not. I guess I could check


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Acctually, there is a way to do this mass append, i think theeth told me once how to do it, i cant remember what he told me to do. Maybe post a Q in the Questions forum, im sure someone will answer. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Yeah there was a tutorial on this on the B5 Blender page. This link should take you right to it.