My First! <blender project>

Hurrah! after doing a few tutorials, ive decided to jump straight into the deep end and modell something cool and hard 8)

here it is, my first ever real model. front view soon to come.

its going <hopefully> to have 2 of them, either side of a motorbike type cockpit thing. its kinda hard to explain. its a little like a podracer, except cooler. hopefully. c + c PLEASE!


UPDATE! i feel so awesome

front view

wah hey

Hey, awesome one, ever heard of the OSA button?

Fans are nice, fins are planes, hence infinitely thin, and this is not very good, give them a thickness.

Lets see next updates.



on the f10 menu with the render buttons, there is a button that says OSA. Click it, and select the level below (5,8,11,16) the higher the better. It will increase the render times a little, but it will get rid of those jagged edges. There seems to be some smoothing issues too.

yeah im not sure what to do about that, subsurf just seems to bollocks everything up. soooooo much better with OSD!

thanks guys! *off to extrude those vanes a little. . . *

the best way to get rid of jagged edges subsurfs - because nothing is truly 90 degrees youve got to bevel. E.g to make a cube look beter turn on subsurfs and extrude the end and scale down a bit. When i discovered this my models looked a lot better and more “solid” looking.

could you perhaps re word that for me? i dont quite follow. . .

Hi Gfx,

If you start with a standard cube, and apply subsurf to it, you get a sort of boxy capsule shape.

Changing the subsurf iterations will make this capsule more rounded.

If however, you subdivide the verticies in the cube a few times and then apply subsurf, you will get more of a cube shape but with smoother transitions between corners. Moving the inner verticies closer to the corresponding outside edge vertecies will further refine the corner.

I think this is what Blenderage is referring to, but he may be referring to beveling the edges of objects using the bezier curve functions. The later I haven’t got into yet, so I can’t help with this, sorry.

EDIT, I think blenderage is talking about entering edit mode for your cube. Select the top four verticies and Press E to extrude, straight after press S to scale the new face down a tad, then lift the new face up slightly. This will then give a similar subsurf result to the subdivision method I wrote above.


very nice so far. what is going to come between the front and the back ends?

huh? front and back ends of what?

theres going to be a motorbike style chassis in the middle between the two jets if thats any help. . .

off to ask how to subdivide on Q + A

okey dokey, heres another update:


you can just see the foot pegs on the right hand side, need to make all mechanicy bits to stuff under the body :slight_smile:

still not happy with the vent, any ideas?

oh, and alot of this was using subdivide, thanks guys.

it looks pretty good, but i can’t really see what it is from the new angle. :smiley:
Maybe get a different render view, although i can’t see any major problems, cept maybe it looks like the two parts aren’t joined.

ok, look at it like a motorbike. the big round bit in the middle is the “fuel tank”, and just to the left of that is the handle bar, and then the instrument display. the two parts and supposed to be joined <yet>, as the front bit is kind of like the cowling on a racing bike. its only one half of it because it will be mirrored. hope that helps.