My first Blender Project.

Looking for suggestions on what to add to it, and what to change :o

Its a missile :evilgrin:

It is a missile…

Ok the first thing I would change is the nose cone. Instead of a cone, I would make it curved so it’s more like this:

The second thing is the fins. Yours have no depth - they’re just a simple plane. They would look better if you extruded them a little to make them 3D.

The third thing is details. At the moment there’s no way for the missile to attach to the plane. Google some images and look at the mounting hardware used, then try and replicate it.

The fourth is Materials/Textures. In the Newbie Workshop there is a step-by-step tutorial on unwrapping and texturing a Hellfire Missile, which could be easily adapted for your purposes.

The fifth and final is lighting. From what I can see you’ve used one spot lamp and then some form of Global Illumination. If you set it up with more lights, positioned carefully and with lower power, you can achieve much more realistic results. There is a page in the manual about lighting rigs I think.

So there you have it; my advice. Good Luck!

Thanks… I was thinking about making the warhead more rounded… but was contemplating how to go about doing it.

quick questions-

How do I extrude a plane? :confused:

How do I make a moving camera in a rendered animation? :confused:


Looking good maybe make a scene something to shoot it like a jet.