My first blender project...

A(nother) wineglass filled with wine (fluid sim):

Actually, I know this is not wonderfull but it is my very first project.

Maybe you can tell me your ideas to improve the animation…

The water looks purple and the fluid does not bounce off the edges enough. Also there is no lighting.

definitely I didn’t work on the lighting at all :wink: I will look for a tutorial.

It looks preety awesome…it doesnt looks like that this is your 1st work…just give some more importance to effects…But must say you have a good sense of animation

actually I spent a lot of time on blender for the last couple of days… but there is so much to learn!
I’ve opened a youtube channel to put my videos - these are more blender features demonstrations videos than artwork but it can be helpfull for others beginners as I published the blend files always.

here is the url for those who are interested in:

Apart from not enough lighting, this is still a really good animation! :3

Thanks for your replies and remarks.

Yes, try to light the scene up, we can barely see the wine. Do you know how to do 3 point lightning? There’s a lot of tutorials out there you can google, but in short it’s like this: One light 45 degrees far from the camera, with 100% intensity; usually placed in the camera level or above. Another light 45 degrees from the camera from the other side, with 50% intensity; it’s usually place at the camera level or below. And finally you can put a light behind the objects of the scene, so this light create an outline of the objects separating them from the background. usually place above the objects, and you can put the intensity very high depending on what you desire for the scene. These ‘degrees’ I said is like the axis was the center of the scene, looking from top view, and rotating on a circle whose radius intercepts the camera. Sorry if I was a little confusing :stuck_out_tongue: good luck with the scene!

Yes actually I found a really good tutorial about lighting that explains all that stuff: