my first blender project


I started using Blender 2.67b 2 weeks ago.
Thanks to the wonderful Tutorials online - i managed to create my own objects

still learning , so any critique or help would be appreciated

i have added the blend file


246158[/ATTACH] <----- Blend File


vanity.blend (986 KB)

Definitely not too bad on the materials, particularly the tile and granite. Lighting needs work though. I haven’t seen a sink that square in a long time either, so that may be a good thing to improve upon later. In addition, is that in the back supposed to be a painting, or a window?

In particular, I think you should experiment with lighting as it’s quite a crucial component in attaining a superior result, and can help you in finding what needs work and improving on it.

Thanks for the advice . I will definatly learn more about lighting

lol i put that thing in the back because i had trouble when i put a glass pane in the window frame, again probably due to lighting


played around with lighting -

included glass in window

and made an underslung basin

more work needed lol


Welcome to forum! :slight_smile:

Good start on the scene, the tiles and overall look are nice. Here are a few things you can improve:

1: The big water blob of death? I have no idea what that is. Maybe a few more samples can help or move that somewhere where it can be seen better.
2: You seem to be having some weird reflections here. Probably because of the geometry.
3: No interest. It’s all dark. Add an exterior image or something that can keep the eye interested.

Hope that didn’t sound too harsh, it’s meant to help and good luck!

This looks nice, good work! I like how you managed the materials, and I think the second render looks great.
You should try to use bevel edges on the sink, it might look more natural.

not too harsh at all :slight_smile: thanx for your input

  1. the blob of death haha is the start of the drain (work in progress)

  2. i know right ? maybe i’ll make a different glass


  1. the window is suppose to be dark - nighttime - but i guess i can throw in something

You could throw in stars and maybe a moon outside the window. That way people can tell that it is night.

decided to create entire bathroom

hope you like it


Ehh, looks like something out of a horror game.

cheers 4 that