My first Blender project

Just finished rendering my first project in Blender the yesterday. It is based off of Sardi Pax’s wonderful fluid simulation tutorial, located at I played around with it for a few days until I was satisfied with the result, and I believe it came out fairly good.
Final render resolution is 5400x3600 for printing on a 12x18 sheet of paper with 300 pixels/inch. Rendered in Cycles with 2000 samples, a fluid resolution of 250, two subdivisions on the water, fluid smoothing set to three, and the amount of particles to generate set to .01. Final render time was around 6 hours using GPU computing.

Still very new to Blender, so any tips on how to improve it are greatly appreciated. Also, if someone could tell me how to get a thumbnail uploaded next to the thread, that would be great, as I can’t seem to find out how to.