My First Blender Project

If you have eyeballs you have noticed that this indeed is my first serious Blender project. I spent 3 days or so working on this scene. I am a 14 year old kid who just got into blender a few months ago and have been learning the ropes since. I just want some feedback on this project what I can do to make it better I particularly want advice on the ground and how to make it better.

Look at my work here

To give you some useful critique it would be easier if you did some renders of your model and put it in here. Also some pictures of the models a little bit closer where you have your problem area. Then I will be able to see how lights, shaders, composition and so on works out. Now I have only seen your model on a rather far distance going round… and… yes… it looks nice, but that’s all I really can say since I can’t get down on the details.