My first blender render: Calder tribute

Hi, this is also my first post in this forum :slight_smile:

(3D Model of Shiva by Alexander Calder)

Welcome to the forum.

This is a great choice for a first model. It would of course look nicer in a field of grass. Right now there is no sense of scale. I have never seen Shiva up close, but I have walked under Peau Rouge may times and will assume the scales are similar.

Keep Blending

I would say side lighting (or other lighting not directly from the front) would be better, but other than that it’s great for a first render.

Welcome. I like your first work. Nice modeling.

For a first finished project, this is sublime. It’s true that scale is not very evident, but it’s a very polished render, and a well-composed shot.

thanks :slight_smile: this is a desktop model (it’s a little different from the big piece):

Good work, my first render was a cube.

Very good! I really like Calder’s pieces; this was a good choice. Maybe I should attempt to remake an abstract sculpture (or create one for that matter :D).

P.S. Why didn’t you want to be manzana? :wink:

Wow. Nice job for a first render(serious render)

Which renderer did you use? Looks so polished I got suspicious :slight_smile:

I used the blender internal rendering engine, without AO, but with 16 samples for raytracing the light.
Render time: ~8 minutos with a c2d pc :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the light and shadows …