My first blender rendering

This is my first blender rendering. I’ve used twilight a sketchup plugin for a while. I had to watch a lot of tutorials (blender guru and creative shrimp) and I think this turned out ok for my first time. The house is designed by Beving Architecture.


For some reason your image didn’t get uploaded correctly.

Sorry I haven’t posted with a picture before. How this?


Okay you can switch to the next render engine, no need to stay here xD
Did you make the entire scene by yourself or did you take some ressources here and there to specificaly study materials ?

Just one thing or two : there are some fireflies under the roof-wall. And you should improve the grass, because of it, the tree looks like it is badly added in post-prod.
Oh, and that’s not your fault, but because of the leaning roof, it took me a while to figure out perspectives

That’s all for the moment :rolleyes:

Thanks for the critique. Most of the model is from sketchup that I brought in with some tweaking and remodeling on them (car, bike and house). My main focus is the house materials. The trees are just png’s for now. Ill have to create some nice 3d tree assets for the future. Also I got the grass pack from Guru and I need to get familiar with it. I noticed the fireflies and will have to watch some tutorials on that.