My first blender renderings

I’ve been using blender for about a week now, and I’m very impressed with the power of this app. I’ve used a few 3D packages in the past, including Lightwave, Inspire and Truespace. I have to say that, besides Lightwave, blender is my favorite and possibly the best 3D I have used.

Here a few of the first renderings I have created. For the most part, they are simple scenes, with very basic objects that I have used to experiment with the various texturing and lighting features of blender.

My first fully rendered blender scene(pure blender):

This one was done as a test of the texturing capabilities of blender.The wall and floor textures are jpgs I found on a texture site long ago. The rest is all blender.

My newest goal is to achieve the “microscopic” look:

Here is were I could use a little help. I’m trying to get the surfaces of the microbe-looking things to have that soft, blurry surface. I can’t seem to figure this one out. Is there a plugin for doing something like this?

Also, do most of you use the blender internal rendering engine or the YafRay?

They’re blurry because they’re slightly transparent.

Read up on the renderers at the site and decide for yourself which is better, it depends on what you want.

I use Blender’s internal one, mainly because it thinks I don’t have YafRay…

great work.

Very nice work, especially the last one. Look the following links.

If this is the effect you want, than the solution is simple. To get this effect I used the lambert shader for the refrection(value: 1.0) and the CookToor-shader for the specularity. Set the value for hard to very low(my value: 1) and for the specularity I also used low values(between 0.2 and 0.6)

Hope this helps.


there are two pugins called “glow” and “afterglow”. they do exactly that: make the edges blurry.

also note that for microscopic stuff some postprocessing might be necessary. rendering different layers and then composite them in ps/gimp/whatever, so you can blur as you want.


Hey Evil, is this what you’re shooting for?

The .blend is here if you wanna take a look at it. It’s a really simple material, with two textures: one for displacement (the bumps in the “microbe”), the other one produces the falloff effect. BTW, the material preview doesn’t work with that particuliar falloff texture, or “blend” as it’s called in blender. Nonetheless, it renders correctly. A bug, I suppose.

Nice first images! I see you’ve tried out Blender’s raytracer engine. Blender sure has come a long way since the beginning. I’m curious, How exactly did you hear about Blender?

Hey Phil,
Wow! Great effect! It really looks like an image from an electron microscope! I’m gonna download your blend and see how you did it! :smiley:


Make sure you try out the Displacement map too. They give bumps a 3D look to it.

Thanks, that exactly what I was trying to do.

I’ve been playing around with transparencies, displacement maps, etc., but couldn’t really get the same effect. I’ll take a look at your file and see what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks for all the possitive feedback on the images, I’m working on some modeling tutorials to get myself up to speed on blender’s modeling tools. I think I’ll be picking up the book once it comes out.

I heard about blender a few years ago when the first versions were released by NAN, but it would never run on my machine. So I ended up buying Newtek’s Inspire 3D and learned how to use it. I have a few renderings I did with it here:

I recently bought a used Apple Power Mac G3 and wanted to try and get back into 3D modeling and I needed a Mac OSX 3D app. That’s when I stumbled across the new version of blender and released that it’s much more powerful than Inspire and FREE!

Here are couple more, simple blender renderings:

Trying to get a nice grass effect with particles. Can’t seem to get rid of the blurring effect.

Another particles study/test render.

mmmm… blood:


I have a question for you about the sphere you used for the .blend file:

What did you use to create it? It doesn’t look a UV or ICOsphere. I’m having trouble reproducing the model. Everyting I’ve used doesn’t handle the material you’ve made very well.

BTE, great .blend file - this is exactly the effect I was looking for. 8)

Hey Evil. It’s a cube. :slight_smile: Simply create a cube and smooth subdivide it twice. Notice also that subsurf is set to 6 (maximum value) so as to avoid artifacts in displacement.

Nice, I luv your reflections. I’m glad somebody brought up lightwave. I have never used it, mostly because of the costs, but I have seen what it can do and it is amazing. I wish there was a place I could get it cheaper though. But I’m really starting to like Blender though, and I’m sure you will to.
Have fun,

The version of Lightwave I used was 5 or 5.5. It was the first 3D I had ever used and when Newtek released Inspire, I bought that since it was essentially a stripped down version of LW. At the time, it was a great app to use, and still is. But it was limited to lower resolution rendering and now that I used a mac to do most of my art, I wanted something that didn’t have to run in classic mode.

These renderings were all done a WinPC(my work machine).


Thanks - I realized that you used a cube after noticing the name of the object, but I thought you used a metaball cube and trying that didn’t work. I made a cube mesh and followed your instructions and it worked perfectly. Thanks again for the help.

Awsome job evil, did you try shaded for the grass ???

Here, this was created by using the Glow and shaded button in material, the halo size is set to 20.

Cool, I’ll have to try that for the grass.

Try it now, try it now !!!

Ok, I’ve found the shaded button under Halo, which I have turned on already, but I can’t seem to find the glow button.

Al: what are your particles settings?