my first blender renders

ok, this is my first post (yay :cool:) and im a newb modeler. i started with blender in September when my computer animation teacher (grade 11) wanted to experiment with students 3d modeling. i taught t myself how to use the basics of blender and i still cannot manage high poly models (mine look hi poly because of subsurf) and i cant even begin to skin. i have no ability to make anything but space ships (with the acception of my digital arts logo) . i cannot model a hand or a face, so this is all i have done.

any strategies on how i can get better at modeling?

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step”. Welcome to BA, Bob. (btw, we dive and LOVE Bob the Fish). I think it was Edison who said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% persperation. And with every mistake, he knew he eliminated one wrong possibility, getting him that much closer to the correct answer. So, keep it up, dude!
And, you will be happy to know that most shots in film are like 5 seconds long. So, if you stretch out your four clips, you are well on your way.
Strategy: model something that interests you. My son is a sophmore, and he is interested in just running and jumping around in the GE.

thx man. im gunna be going through tutorials like mad soon enough to get my skill up. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Blender community! You’ve made a lot of progress and you have the right attitude. There are plenty of tutorials out there so, you won’t have any problem learning to create other things.

Good luck and have fun!

thanks, bookmarked :smiley:

im really liking the attitudes of people on these fourms!
im glad i came here :RocknRoll:

I started off with a space-ship flyby back when I used DoGA. Man, crazy days. Anyway, you’ll probably get better with practice. Welcome to the site.

them star trek like ships look good.
there are lots of good and easy to follow tuorials AT

and wellcome to the site
p.s im liking this forum too

just stick with it and you’ll get better. try modelling a simple car from blueprints.

(simple, you know all round and cartoony like. just to get a feel for modelling from blueprints.)