My First Blender scene (still in progress)

(Gr8RedShark) #1

So here’s my first attempt at modelling and rendering a scene in blender:

One spaceship blasting the crap out of another. very original :wink:

It’s not complete yet though. Things I’m planning on doing to it:
-better particle effects. The blue dots in the back of the shiny ship should not look like dots… the intended effect was a blue hao or cloud of gas, like from a gas powered stove.
-the lasers are also kinda cheesy. I’m thinking of replacing the exhaust AND the lasers with a solid mesh and then just aplying some textures.
-the sparks need work too.
-better camera anlge. I just used this one here so the whole scene could be seen well. won’t be hard to fix.
-a star field in the background. already done but not renedere here to save an extra 30 seconds in render time!
-animation and motion blurs…?

suggestions/comments/criticisms very welcome! :slight_smile:

(banana_sock) #2

for a simple star background, under the world settings, just click on the button that says “stars” and it will create stars for you. The laser’s don’t look that bad to me, the exhaust is alright, but it needs to glow more. The sparks don’t look that good though, have a look through some of the tutes for explosions…
Nice first scene.

(Gr8RedShark) #3

This was not a high quality rendering and also if you were to zoom in, you’d see that the laser “beam” is actually a series of lines surrounded by faint halos. I used the Vector setting and I only have one particle in this Effect (well, one in each laser, I have two seperate emitters), but I can’t get a continuous line.
I know about the world setting for stars, i just don’t like the way they look :wink:

how could I get the engine gas to glow more? I’ve tried giving the material full emit, but doesn’t seem to do much.

sigh… time to sleep, then tomorrow evening… I try again! :slight_smile:

(Ecks) #4

Here is a tip for star:

Go in world buttun press star buttun.
Then reduce stardist at something around 3
The click the size buttun by pressing shift+right click. And type in 0.050
Then press f12 and see if you like it. If there is too much start make the stardist higher. If you think the star are too much big then put the MinDist slider at like 60. After that I think you’ll be a master of the star system

And keep up blending!

(Enzoblue) #5

My fave starfield is in this tute:

(basse) #6

i like the simplicity of it… I’m not sure what you are aiming for, but as it is, it’s very good… perhaps, the explosion effect on the first ship is ruining it a bit… but… otherwise… there is certain… “dark side of the moon” album cover to it…



(Gr8RedShark) #7

“dark side of the moon”? hmmm… i’m looking at the album and the pic and I’m not sure of the resemblance… well thanks, i WAS listening to it in fact while working.
to be honest though, there was nothing artistic behind this, at least not planned.

I think I have a better explosion now, but if you want, I can rerender with this view without explosion… I am also planning to add debris flying off the part of ship that was hit…

(Gr8RedShark) #8

ok here’s a new version:
fixed the engine glows and the explosion a bit, got a better (non-Blender!!!) starfield, and rotated the camera. still not satsified with the lasers. I just want a simple straight glowing line. not a dashed line. don’t think I’ll add debris flying away from the explosion, but undecided, so what you all think???

(banana_sock) #9

bleder could easily create a starfield like that, you just need to fiddle with the settings. To make the engines glow, try using halos as the materials, then increase the add value. This makes them glow nicely. There’s a few tutes around for good engine glows as well. The explosion looks better, but it kinda looks more like dirt to me. I really like the texture on the ship getting shot at.
As for the lasers, if you only want a still shot, just add a plane, delete two of the verts, place the others where you want the lasers to be, subdivide it lots, then add a halo material to it.

(benstabler) #10

The ships are done very well for a first time, but the laser and explosion let it down. Try finding a firework tut for the explosion, this could be easily modified to appear as proper fire, and subdivide the laser a bit more to create a thickerbeam. Also, for the laser adjust the halo size in the materials section.

(S68) #11

Nice first Blender image.

Spaceships are good, but you must exercise on particle system.

As a first impressin I’d say that, for engines, and explosion, you should use more ‘random’ particles set RandLife to something, set ‘Rand’ to something too (low for engines, higher for explosion)

Use an halo which is bigger, less Hard, and very low on alpha

Use a LOT of particles (> 10000)

Add a material IPO to change colour from bright to dull as gasses goes from origin to far away.

Here’s a couple of examples of what you can do this way (Large AVI)

For lasers I’d give particles up completely. Rather a mesh with a Blend texture…


(Gr8RedShark) #12

Here’s the latest (and probably last) update for the spaceship scene:
I made the engines glow a little, fixed the explosion some more, and used a single line, subdivided manmy times, for the laser beams. I tried using many particles (>1000) for the explosion, but it didn’t look as good (IMO) and took waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long to render. the explosion is supposed to be a little one.
anyways, I get bored quickly, so this project is close to done, if not there already. I have some other cool ideas i want to start work on, and they should (hopefully) go faster, since they won’t need a single particle system :slight_smile: (cool as particles may be, they are too slow)

(Ecks) #13

the last one is a lot better than the other one.

Some things: Try applyinh some motionblur. Go in render buttun. Find the buttun mblur, put it at 3-5 and render again. you’ll see a big change :wink: