My First Blender Scene

Hi, I’m new to Blender and I’m happy to say I’ve just completed my first scene! It’s a mix of learnings from the wonderful Blender Guru tutorials and snippets picked up along the way. I had no composition thoughts for this scene besides putting the models into one environment.

I learned a lot during this process from the modelling (of the doughnut) to the different lighting effects for this scene.

It’s crazy how much Blender can actually do! I catch myself in disbelief at some of the work I see around.


Not bad for a first time. One thing that looks off is the HDR behaind window. Perhaps you should model some ground and grass - that might fix it.
I’m not an expert in arch-viz, so maybe someone more experinced will have better idea.

Thank you!

Yeah, it’s a bit blurry as well. My PC struggled a bit when I was messing around with HDR. The idea of adding physical models to the background never crossed my mind. Thank you for the feedback. :slight_smile:

It’s pretty enough, but the composition is odd. Why are there kitchen chairs with no table, for example, but a comfy enough looking couch?

And on what looks like a bright summer day, why are the lamps and the light on?

Good looking room!
Besides modeling the background items you can also set up a plane behind the window and use a high resolution image on it. The plane can be scaled to fit the window. There should be a little “distance” blur on the image.

Spent too much money on the couch! :sweat_smile: For this project, the main focus was to learn the software. I see what you’re getting at though. The story of the environment and reasoning around the living space. It’s definitely noted for the next project. Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m looking at adding a bit of background depth with objects and potentially new image after Silex and yourself fed this back. :slight_smile:

I’ve put in a plane behind the glass but I’d like to keep the original HDR lighting coming through. I’ve tried transmission increase on the material but it still doesn’t allow for the same amount of light to come through. Any suggestions?

You can still use the HDRI for light. The environment plane doesn’t have to be right up against the window. It can be set further back and the image adjusted to compensate for the distance. This will allow the light through into the room.
You might want to look into using the Sun light- and set it up for the time of day you desire.

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Fantastic, I must say. I am too first beginner here and my works are more more humble :grinning:

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Amazing. For your first scene I’d be very proud of that. Did you model everything yourself also?

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Thank you! Besides the carpet the rest I modelled myself.

I’ve been playing around with different backgrounds and trying different models. Haven’t come across any I’ve been happy with yet so I created this cop-out instead :rofl:
BUT I won’t be defeated! I’ll be looking at adding a sunlight and grass plane/furniture for the outside. Then I’ll be calling this done and moving onto some new environments and trying other features.

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Hang in there Matt, you’re learning as you go. It’s a great scene as is - nice work! :slight_smile:

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