my first blender work

any comment please. i am just new to blender.


It’s a good start, but you’ve got a long way to go! :smiley:

First thing that I notice is that there are only reflections, no shadows. The scene would definitely have shadows coming from the light from the window! Also, it looks like the window is textured to be the outside. I’d suggest making the windows clear and having a textured plane outside of the window to be the outside…that way you can orient the outside to the camera, so it won’t look flat.

It’s a great start (especially for your first!), but it just needs some work :slight_smile:

Well done for a first!

You can add ray traced shadows by selecting your lights, going into the properties editor, object data context and clicking the “ray shadow” button. Shadows can make your scene look a lot better. Also, you might want to try adding environment lighting or ambient occlusion to your scene in the world context of the properties editor. Those are also nice.

Additionally, you could instead light your scene using indirect lighting. If you do that, you have to make an emitter mesh (add a mesh with a material that has a positive emit value, then turn the gather method to approximate under the world context of the properties editor) that lights the scene.

You should post your edits if you make any.

Thanks a lot for your comments.I will try again so that i can make it better .

Add a plaster texture to the walls. It’ll add a lot to the realism.
The bed doesn’t have to be that rough. You can try using the cloth sim or just use a larger cloud texture.