My first blender :-)

A litle thing but … :slight_smile:

I think the image is too much aliased, how can I fix that ??

To fix the aliasing, click the OSA button.

The Blender god Loves all his little children who click the OSA button in the Render window.

Nice piece btw. I like the drawing also. Did you do it?

The drawing is not mine, but I like the women LOL
then another problem to fix.
look at this one:

It’s about the sheet, where it’s bended, what should I do to make the drawing follow the curve of the sheet ?

thats a simple one. If you want the image to stick to the faces of the mesh, you’re going to have to UVmap it. This being a plane, the procedure is rather simple.

start with a flat plane and subdivide however many times you want to get a good bend. Meanwhile, open a new window and set it to the UV/image editor screen.
While its flat, go to top view and enter face-select mode. select all and hit the Ukey to acces the unwrap options. For this, the “From Window” option would suffice. You should now see the verts in the UV editor. Load your image into the UV editor and fit the verts to the image.

Now, go back to the paper material and add the image as a normal image texture. This time though, select the UV option in the Map input tab. The image should now follow the mesh. For more complicated objects, there are some tutorials on UV-mapping that you could look for.