My First Bravery

Ive been looking at everyone elses images
This is the first time ive been brave enough to submit my own
All comments welcome
Rendered in Yafray


Welcome to elysiun

good work i dont realy understand the picture and i dont realy like the colour scheem of perple i think warmer colours would be cool (no pun intended)

not sure I understand it either…
I’ll try warming up the background a notch or two and see what happens …
if it looks ok ill re-post it

It’s an interesting render. I like the water and the glass of cognac. However, your composition could have been more interesting if the tabletop with the glasses was centered beneath the globe hanging in the air. And center the camera a bit better. you can undo any strange rotations on the camera by selecting it and pressing alt+r.

Also, you sky background could be alot better. Try using an angmap lightprobe and it will add some interesting reflections. Does your glass have raymirror turned on?

Keep working on it.

I am glad you are not my physician! :smiley:

It is an interesting picture, I am glad to see more users are trying out Blender’s features.

Many thanks for the input.

Re Cognac … I failed … Its supposed to be wiskey ( I’ll excuse myself by claiming its the nice dark Islay malt then lighten it whilst your not looking)

Re positioning … that is yet to be decided … thats one frame of an animation where I follow the table through under the globe…

Re Sky … I am having real headaches there … It renders great in Blender internal but fails in Yafray…

The glass has raymirror Turned on - I feel by the question …i’m missing a clue there!

Re Being your physician
I might be your computer consultant
Be afraid!!! :smiley:

Ok heres try two
I dont like it ( tooooo dark )
but I’m getting so many power cuts here that try 3 will be a while away
UPS purchasing scheme underway ( dont tell wife! )

Ive got a 400 frames of this to render so I’m guessing this is my last version