my first BWF render

My little tribute to S68’s BWF script.

Ok, the scene is a bit boring, I know :-? but compared to its size there isn’t very much in the universe and I found no method to do a good looking comet tail yet.

C&C welcome.

WOW this pic give me a feeling man…I don’t know, it’s kinda just looking so calm but destructive at the same time…very sweet!!! I love it!

The earth, the moon and the asteroid are perfect!

I need to try this script :smiley:

whoa that’s perfect! I love it!

juust a few tweaks off a perfect pic

  1. less blury asteroid texture, and definately a bump map. just needs a little more definition

  2. the areas it shadow on the asteroid are too bright, they should be pitch black, or close too…

I don’t know

Hey, wow, thanks, didn’t expect this :smiley:

X-WARRIOR, thanks a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

DreamMaster, thanks a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

GXF Idiot, tried to tweak it a bit

Al_Capone, thats what I thought :wink:

Now I see if I enter the WC: BEACH :o , this means water, waves and even worse spray. OMG
Or is the shore of a puddle called beach, too ? %|


I am having serious trouble getting BWF 0.0.9’s “crater” function to work on spherical objects. Works fine on flat ones, but for some reason they simply do not show up on spheres no matter what my settings.

Can you recall what settings for everything you used for this? I know it’s a long shot, but I just want to see what I’m doing wrong!



wow nice renders! :o Bishopteff, not really sure, but maybe something to do with the scale?

do you ever? :wink:

tordat: nice render! Only thing: that little crater right smack in the middle of the asteroid seems to have a sharp right edge…looks weird.

Excellent image tordat. The earth is especially beutiful.

The only thing I feel you should try to improve is the asteroid itself. The view we have of it is pretty close, but it seems to have no details. I know the NASA telescope images of asteroids look smooth, but so does the moon when we look up at the sky. I think it needs at least a few semi-jaged/sharp rock formations. At the moment it looks similar to the smooth rock you find in rivers and near water-falls - eroded by millennia of water action. I think asteroids need to have more of an edge, or at least some edges (in the craters possibly).

Great work.

nice one! moon should be smaller though.

Hey How exactly did u get the Earth looking so real?? pm me the details or tell em on this please. thanks and Great work on the render.

don’t know if any1 mentioned it before, but I imagine, that a comet has no craters on it :stuck_out_tongue:
and if it’s a planetoide, then it’s surface should be less smooth, more like ripped or sth like that.
but the picture in it’s form is very cool.

Isnt this a thread from last year, u shouldnt drag them up

Wow and for about ten minutes i thought this was a new work too…<sigh>