my first car model

well i decided to give the game i was working on a break and make a car…

the car is something ofa concept but its based on an opel speedster (just couze i got 1 next to me)

nothing big yet, first try

a lil update

I guess its looking good. Not much shape yet, Ill check back on this one…
keep it up

another update…

another lil update with some color this time

This is looking good for a low poly version, but it looks a little flat imho. can you show a side view ? It would make a good game model, but you cant have any cuts like doors then, can you :smiley:

keep it up

it’s way better than my first attempt. i gave up before it got to this stage.

its supposed to be a mid poly model with mid ammounts of detail, just wanted to see what will come of this