My first car render

Hi all,

This is my first attempt to model a car. I’ve used the material from the BMW1M-MikePan.blend used for the Cycles render benchmark of mpan3.

There is not compositing just cycle render. Hope you like it.

Absolutely nice ,

heh, loverly!

That’s a good start. Try to add a few hard edges, tiny details (screws, plates etc.) and some texture work and it will be a true success.

It reminds me of those battery powered toy cars that I would ride on when I was kid.
Very nice model. :slight_smile:

Really nice. Even more since you used the painting of the BMW it looks just like an humoristic parody.

I definitely like it. Maybe the future basis of a new benchmark :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the comments. Tjill, you’re right I should use some texture, at least for the tires. Regarding the hard edge, I like the smooth edges of the car. The profile of the tires may be more flat.

Decrease the reflectivity on the tires. And the spokes of the circle are clearly visible on the tire rims.
Use an HDRI map.
Add glass lamps to the headlights of the car. Add a bump map, and a normal map to it, so it looks like a halogen lamp. Finish off with a light emitting from the headlight, and composite it to have glare.
Change the material colour and reflectivity. At some places it looks quite bland.
Rubber seats
Add some texture to the tires.

These are my thoughts, if you implement them, you get a *5 deserving render. Excellent modelling though.

And finally, it doesn’t matter if you download or not, if you could add a happy child on the seat and add some grass to the plane, I can’t comprehend the awesomeness that would ensue…
For the human child, i would recommend downloading a rigged .blend/obj/ or using Daz3D/Makehuman.
I know this is too much to ask…but it still looks good.