My first car!

Ok I have begin a car but it dont look very good for me. Please can you post some suggestion on what to add or change. I will fix the front window and I will add a scene and an interior. Thank you.

That’s a nice star. Keep on pushihng. Cars are not easy, beleive me. :wink:

I like the design of it so far. Can’t wait to see more.


yeah, that’s indeed a nice start :smiley:
how did you start, with a cube or did you draw the cross sections first?
keep on blending that car :wink:

Very good start for a first car. Keep it up. Would also like to see a side view. Don’t give up and show us more.


I start with a plane and I modelled the side first. After I extrude the front of the car, I dublicate it and inverse it. Here is another shot

I add two new images. I have almost finish I have to make the interior and the back (where you put your bag etc. Behind the back seat…)

PS I am not very good at making texture so if someone know a place where they have good texture or if someone want to make texture for it please post it. TX

good very good! i wish i could do it so well for been the first! :smiley:

too bad i couldn’t see your car…
but those mechs are really cool :wink:

I put I picture of my fist car in my gallery so you can see it:

at the bottom of the page.