My First Car

not Actuall first car.didnt use yafray(I actually dont know how to use yafray)butanny way enjoy MERRY CHRISTMAS


theres more


uh…wanna turn set smooth on? :slight_smile:

Eaghy car, like it, better than my car :smiley: ofcourse mine got ball weels G looks funky in a bad way :stuck_out_tongue:
and the weel barrels ( or what ever its called ) kinda to small IMO don’t know how to chance weels on that :smiley: but then again its 3d world u can do anything :wink: and merry christas to u to

I think it could use a little more rounding on the upper part. And of course it needs setsmooth. I’ve never seen square wheel wells before, they look kind of weird to me, but maybe that’s your style.

edit: Actually, with the wheel wells like that, I don’t think you could change the tires without elevating the car considerably (to drop them out the bottom), so if you got a flat you’d be screwed.