my first car

hi all iam working on this car as one of my first try with blender so iam new at modeling so pleas dont be mean :slight_smile: and you can come with idéas for this and comment



I’ll share with you what I learned when I made my first car not too long ago. Keep it simple as long as possible. At this stage I think you have too many faces. Creating the vehicle in pieces was a lot easier for me. All I had to do was worry about the hood or the door, I didn’t have to worry about how many extra faces I was going to add to the bumper because I wanted more detail for a door handle. Obviously everyone is different and it looks like you’ve got a pretty good shape there, so good luck… :slight_smile:

looks good for a first time ,follow the Blue prints care fully ,it doesnt need to finish in one week or few days .no need to waste time by rendering ,lightning or materialing .do it as levels . level one :model basic structure it will be better if you do each level per day or so on.good luck

                                                                    level two : Model details in basic model
                                                                    level three:model accecories
                                                                    level four: subsurf and add needed edges
                                                                    level five : choose materials
                                                                    level six : lightning
                                                                    level seven :rendering

looks good for a first try… im currently makin my first stab at a car atm, and i will say that making it in parts is alot easier…e.g.hood, bumper, fender, roof, doors…and so on… makes it alot easier, cos they are not connected on the finished model…
check out some of the other car threads on the forum and see how much mesh they use, comparedto you own…
also, it pays to find a ver good set of blueprints if you havnt already… just to use as a shape guide while you make the shape of the body…

well ty you all for feedback and i will start over and make it to parts.
but don’t want to use blueprint becouse i will make like a costum car

you definately should use blueprints as this is your first car, once you’ve done about 5 or 6 realistic cars, then try doing a custom car, and the results will be much better

ditto… if you start trying to make things too complex and custom the first few tries, you may find yourself in too deep…and not wanting to finish it…
and besides… what you could do… is make the car to bluprints, and then modify it afterwards, which is kind of an upside to having the car made in staged parts…

one hint… dont shoot too far ahead of what you know you can do… 'cos you wont accomplish anything…

Agree with the last two points… and if they persuade you then or (latter requires free registration but has a lot of uncommon prints, plus downloads) are great sites for car blueprints.

startet over :stuck_out_tongue: with blueprint and gonna make it in parts…