My first caustic...

I admit it isn’t the BEST it could be you musn’t restate that. But anyways I finally after many many many days and weeks have found the true secret to caustics (or rather secrets as I came to find out), so here it is.

dont u mean

looks good

I like it! I’m working on my first caustic too! Is that a perfume bottle?




cool, so, how do you do caustics? and how the photon lights work?

anyways?? cool pic clr

yea ill do 1 an join in :D.

woah when did i become a guru looks like it was like 300 posts back lol ive got loads of posts but i dont remember posting that many:P yo clr u there?

I wish I could do caustics

i cant do it right now but i’ll get you or whoever a file to show u how to do caustics! that’ll be in about 3 or so hours when i get home from work.

oh and thanks for the compliments

oh…and how do i get the image to show up…did i not turn on BBCode…yup thats what i did…

oh and another thing…everybody feel free to post your first or second…etc caustics images here to i’d like to see other ppls…if you even know how to do caustics

Forgetting about the caustics for a second - I really like the jar/bottle whatever it is.


nice bottle, and good job on the caustics. for those trying to do caustics here are some things to remember:
–in addition to your regular lamp, you will need to enable yafray, which will then give you the lamp option ‘photon’. make a photon lamp.
–be sure to check ‘photon’ in the yafray render settings.
–use method ‘full’ quality ‘none’.
–jack up the number of photons in the render settings and lamp
–turn up the energy of the photon lamp
–make any material settings you want, IOR, raytransp, etc. I also set my recieving material to trashad, although i don’t know if it really matters.
–take a test render and see if you got some caustics.
NOTE : caustics look best when they are used in addition to a regular shadow imo.

just to clear up some confusion it wasn’t really aimed at being anything but yes it does really look like a luxury perfume bottle.

anyways, i know its a little late posting the blend file for u guys to look at for direction for caustics, so anyways here it is:

The Blend File

Anyways, when you guys start to look at the blend notice that the light directed at the bottle is a “Photon” light, meaning that it doesn’t emit light initially but rather shoots photons at the bottle who then are refracted and bounced inside and out of the bottle. Then as in real life they acquire the color of the object they pass through.

Also, always make sure you keep the spotsize of the photon light as small around the object as possible for the best effect.

Now i haven’t tried it yet but i do believe that if you want more refraction and spread of the photons after they pass thru the object fiddle with the number of photons to shoot in the light settings for the photon spotlight and also change the index of refraction or in blender IOR settings for the materials for botht the bottle and its cap.

Note that you may get better results with shooting more photons…but believe me you don’t want to cuz it will take FOREVER to render (my pc is 2.7ghz w/512mb ram so if it matches mine it shouldn’t take to long on the bottle render). If you up the number of photons to shoot to say like,…oh… 1000000…then you might grow a beard or something of the sort while waiting…j/k i dunno…but it takes a while.

On a final note, you can just copy ALL of the lighting settings, and material settings and apply them to your own object and most likely get the same effect…!YAY!


one more thing, here is a new version, with the cap removed and some fluid in it…

i just got your blend - i haven’t looked at it yet but i haven’t been able to get caustics to work although i have the setup right with the lighting - are there special material or mesh specs you have to have?

yeah there has to be a few settings for the caustics to go ahead and work…i highly recommend looking at the blend. I hope it helps :slight_smile:

ok ok…before i go to bed…one more…

I am sorry if it is a dumb question,
but what is caustics?
How does it pronounced?
And why fo you need it, anyway?
I looked at you “caustics” images
and none of them looked realistic, so why do you need this “caustics”?

caustics are the light traveling throught the glass producing a new color in combination with the transparent material instead of just a shadow. The images aren’t realistic - the shadows and transparency is!

oh and i looked at your blend and will try again but i couldn’t get the setting right to make actual caustics on my own by adding a cube with a bump map for shape then applying both a new material and your material! what are your peculiar settings?! :slight_smile:

Ok, so you say that the shadows and the transparency are realistic
but usind caustics will make the image not realistic?
Do I got this right?
If I did, then why do we need this caustics,
and where it can be used, if it is making images to look not

no the i mean the lighting and shadows are good but the modeling, and scenery is bad but that isn’t a big deal cuase ths is just a demo of you figuring it out - oh and i got the caustics to work on my own! :wink:

I think it dont look realistic enough because the main light sorce is not matching the caustic but anyway it looks good for a first try. :smiley:

exactly! i noted that in the blend too! :wink: