My first character animation, Be nice...

Well, here we are, the dust has settled from the BWC so i decided to have a go at using blender for animation instead of just making pretty pictures. its certainly a long process but not quite as difficult as i imagined it would be. here is my first ever attempt at character animation,

i know that its kindof crappy, but like i said its my first, and now that i have the basics down and demonstrated, im looking forward to making something a bit more elaborate.

C&C always welcome, here or on youtube.

Thanks as always for the support.

Oh i see, you guys are all like “If you cant say something nice, then dont say anyting at all”.

its ok. i get it :frowning:

My next animation is gonna be so much better…


Hey, don’t assume reasons why you don’t get comments :no:
Sometimes you’re just unlucky, or simply failed to catch peoples interest.

The animation is a quite nice start

The facial animation is all right, while especially the hands
lack a little. I would also advise you to tweak the lightning,
and make the whole thing a little lighter.
( i would suggest playing with some spotlights, pointing
in on the character from the sides and back)

It’s a good beginning!
Keep working, and you’ll make something great soon :wink:

Dude, for some reason, NOONE ever checks the animation section. I betcha its the least used here. For a first character animation, this is very nice. Waaaay better than a lottat firsts. Keep practicing, it gets lotsa fun :smiley:

OK thanks for the advice, i made a new animation which is rendering now, and i have worked on lighting like Tobias said.

And the lip syncing has improved,

but the actual animation, of the arms and body etc is just awful!, i mean even worse than this one, but meh, im having fun learning.

Attempt number 3 should be perfect!

This is a good start for a first effort. Don’t be dismayed at lack of comments. For some reason a lot of members are happier discussing crap in the off topic section than actually talking about animation.
Also, with the greatest respect to tobias, the lighting (or lightning, as he put it) is almost irrelevant. If you were presenting this is a short film in its own right, it would matter. However, my advice would be ignore lighting, materials and to a certain extent composition and focus entirely on good animation.
There’s no point in professionally lighting a beginner’s animation.
If you want to be an animator, you are more likely to get a job with a well animated wireframe than a beautifully lit amateurish animation.

For some reason it reminded me of one of those kids show cartoon learning show things. Like the way you made it do hand gestures etc. Quite nice dude, keep it up. I still need to get to the animation part of blender. :smiley:

it’s gumby’s long lost cousin!
hey, the lipsync looks okay :slight_smile: !

you might want to increase the frame rate :smiley: (I prefer 24 fps, but ntsc is 29fps and pal is 25fps) -animation looks smoother.
oh yeah, and to give it a polished-look , you might want to also try lighting the scene or something :slight_smile:
I know, its not “something you should be focusing on”, but its a good habit to get into (kindof like icing on the cake) - people will be able to read your character better if the scene is well lit good :slight_smile:

but if you’re strapped for time, an opengl render is just fine (ctrl+click the little picture icon at the bottom of the 3d window to start it)

and opengl animation rendering is waaay faster than regular rendering - good for working on that animation/lipsync :slight_smile:

you might also want to read up a little on the whole curves/ lines of action in animation ( google it or something)

ok have fun!

You done a good job,I m damn sure very soon u will post your best art.

Best of luck.

Your character has a wardrobe malfunction. The left arm goes through the cloth as though it’s not there. Other than that, I’d animate the hands a bit more. Try watching yourself in the mirror while you quote the line. Also I’d make the hands a bit smaller. Best of luck.

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