My First Character animation


For a first animation its’ pretty great:yes:.
Maybe a little rough tho…

Anyways great work. Keep it going!

Fort Ash

Keep it up, you will grow and mature. Compared to some of my early stuff, it is pretty good.

i’ll join to this topic. I don’t want to multiply topics all videos are here:

if anyone would want rigged character, just tell me where to put it.
rigging in progress v.5

I won’t multiply topics, so i’ll put my 1. animation here:

i know she should move more on legs, and the breast isnt rigged well when she puts hands up.
rig in progress v.5
if anyone would to have the .blend just tell where put it.

i don’t want to multiply topics so i pyt my 1. motion test here:

i know she shoud move legs more, and the breast isn’t well rigged when she put hand up but the rigg is in progress v.5