My first character (little alien)

Well, this is my very first modelled character so far, so any comments would be apreciated… but be gentle, I’m just starting in this world :0

By the way, I’m trying to rig the alien, but having troubles with the arms joints… they just can’t deform nicely… can anyone help me?


hi, i can’t seem to get to the pictures. something wrong with the link i think. welcome to blender and elysiun.

Please if at all possible use a better host. Try photobucket or take use of Alltaken’s galleries.

From what I could see of your alien, it looks good. I think it could use some more details like maybe defining little groups of muscles in his torso. Good job, keep it up.

Ok after looking at the spanish pr0n site that pops up for a minute and thinking “Nice modeling, but they just look like spanish girls not aliens…” I closed that window and took a look at the “real” alien model.

Pretty cool. Looks overly cute but that’s ok. I think the body could use a bit more work as far as giving it a bit more definition or just adding some more curves to make it a bit more natural. Other wise nice start. Guess you’ll have to texture it next.

Thank goodness for popup blockers. Nice job on the alien but your host is crap. Get it off a pr0n site.

It reminds me of the alien that crashed at roswell. really good job.
Are you gonna texture it in more detail or maybe put some bones so that you can animate it?

Mozilla rocks with its pop-up blockers :smiley: But the question is, did I want it at the moment I went to your site? Who knows :expressionless: I think your alien’s head is a little large, could use more detail. Work on flattening his feet, they look uncombfortable. And his sholders are a bit big compared to his arms. Nice start :smiley: needs work :wink:

Followed your advice and changed host to photobucket :slight_smile:
Dude, I have got pop-up blocker, so I haven’t noticed there was a prn banner on my site… kinda shocking :|:|

BTW, thanks for your comments. I posted this at an earlier state of production… :slight_smile: I will do as you said on the torso details, I’m not conform at all with the actual… about the head, yeah, I think it’s a bit exagerated by now… And for the cute looking… well, that was the idea, cuz it’s somehow like the mascot for some proyect I have :slight_smile:

Something I’m gonna add soon is more detail on the hands, as well of finish rigging the bones (I have got so many headaches with it). Later on I will texture it (when I figure out how to do it). And yes, it’s made with the idea of animating it later.

Here there are. I added the torso details and also detailed more the feet. Look at the wireframe shot I taken. Please comment it :slight_smile:

His chest looks odd, because of the crease. It makes me think of his back. The feet look better, but could you post a full veiw of the model? Like before :smiley:

Here, now without ambient occlussion, to see details clearly.

Note that I didn’t scaled down the head… I think it looks better this way… at least for the purpose I modelled it :slight_smile:

Great job :smiley: This is looking great :wink: I think it would be awesome if you made his fingers longer, and gave his head a little more definition and detail. This is coming along great :smiley: