My first Character... Manga Girl Skate(WIP):

Hi there , I have this character goin for the last four days and she is a test character for things i still don’t know in blender. Here is the one of my concept drawing

Thanks in Advance!:slight_smile:

I have recreated her from scratch see 4th post.

the hair looks like playmobil, you can do better, you need to model the hair and give some volume, like the joan of arc tutorial

The body need work to, maybe re adjust some poligons to give a more rounded look…

here you have a good example and tut…

thanks … that was what i actually need comments on things i don’t see… And thanks for the tutorial and thread I could not believe i have not found that thread even though i do a constant search, thank you very much and i agree with the body i check it without her dress and its some kind of boxy… and the hair i found a great resource and am about to change it… thanks

1 week had past, i decided to recreate skate from scratch , thanks for the tutorial.

I like the modeling so far. I look forward to seeing how this progresses.

Here is skate with her body, I need help at this part cause I am bad at anatomy.

So this is the full project you’re working on. Keep up the good work kaisaki1342!

Anatomically it’s not so bad, the proportions a bit un-realistic, but that aside, topology is your problem here. The biggest thing that bothers me is her shoulder, or lack there of. She’s got no sense of any type of shoulder, and she should, because the breasts should connect to that shoulder. Raise your arm up as if resting it on a table, feel how the pectoral muscles connect to the shoulder, and how the bicep flows from underneat that connection rather than just straight connecting to it.

It’s a cute little model, but if you plan to animate it at all and you want some quality results with that, you’re gonna have to tweak the topology.

I am really troubled with the body but still i cant see whats wrong so thank you for pointing it to me. :wink: I will try to make the shoulder look more comfortable so i gotta see some reference drawing.:slight_smile: I’ll do that after i finish the ear, i try to post update as soon us possible. :slight_smile:


That is a brilliant start! Can’t wait to view your next up date. I know that you are putting a lot of time and effort into this exercise and the image is bound to be a winner!

Hi there! Not so much of an update, i added the ear and fix the shoulder

and the some more things

the blue lines are the things that i manage to fix so far. and the red are the one that i am about to fix. :slight_smile: Tell me anything that i missed.

hey, nice start, i like it so far … but i have a small comment on the hands… i think they look a bit too thin compared to the arms :wink:

Thanks! ok I have tweak the hand, here it is

I’ll post another update before i sleep tonight. ^^

it’s better now :wink: but I think the thumb is stil a bit strange… i made a photo of my hand i hope it’ll help


Wow! your hand had match her hand hand:) . Agree with the thumb, k I’ll tweak it a little.

Here is the thumb after some fixing


Here is skate hair as of now, feel free to comment on it. :slight_smile:


I made some sketch for her clothes.


Hi there I make some clothes for her though I’m still new in modeling clothes.:frowning: Can anyone give me some advice or technique to improve it. Thanks!


Hello guys, I need help at this point I’m currently modeling her jacket.

Any tips there guys. Thanks!