My first character model.

Well, Some friends and I are going to be putting togather a short film to see if we can opt out of our (completely worthless) 3ds Max class. We’re each making a hero to play a role in the film.

Since I’m a Blender newb, and I’ve never done this kind of thing before I figured I’d ask for some good C&C. Here is what I’ve done so far (4 hours)

Side note: its going to be pretty low poly because the systems we’ll be making the scenes in aren’t real high end.

PS. I’ve learned more about Blender from the tuts and this forum in a month than I learned in 2 semesters of 3ds max.

really good start

keep on blending !!!

Well I’m crackin away. I have the general form of the arms done, and I’m starting on the face. Here is what I have so far. I’d love to get some tips/ suggestions/ things to keep an eye on. first time doing a face and all, so recomdations are apreciated.

Another update. I got the basic shapes of the nose cheaks forehead done. C&C is appreciated.

looks quite good so far.
But you should work on the bridge of the nose. Make it narrower and more defined.

its looking good so far, but i can see the jaw seems to be rather low in comparison to where i would expect it.


I agree, and I think his brow’s stick out a little to far. Great start :smiley:

Indeed a very nice start.

The legs look a little squarish in the quad area. You may want to tweak that a bit.

The head looks very good.


It looks too sculpted at the moment, if you understand. The brow is looking quite rectangular, and the nose looks small. But saying that, this is looking a heck of a lot better than my first attempt at a human. Nicely done.

very good stuff :slight_smile: I think it’s alright to have a jutting chin and eyebrows cuz its a super heroe isn’t it?

Thanks for the replies. Part of the reason my model is looking the way he does is because I’m using a front/side shot that is drawn in a comic book style. The main problem I’ve been running into in the face is that the front and side features don’t line up, so I’ve had to infer/guess, what would look best.

VulcanKid: Yeah, he is going to be a “hero”. I’m going for something thats a cross between reality and comic book.

plexersheep: Thanks for the feedback. If I understand you correctly, you think the forehead/brow should be more rounded? or do you mean that the ridge of the brow (right above the eyes) is to sharp? Or, should it not stick out that far? As far as the nose goes, I agree. That was one of the things I had to guess about due to my mediocre reference. It will be a little thinner at the top and a little longer on the profile.

BgDM: Thanks, I agree about the legs, and I’ll be going through later and taking care of them. I just had an itch to get started on the face :wink:

Alltaken: The Jaw (right now) is just a reference. The inside of the jaw is a duplicate of the vertexes on the neck. extruded scaled and extruded again to make a ruff jaw. As soon as I clean up the mouth, lower lip and sides of the face I’ll refine it and match up vertexes. I wasn’t sure how else to do it.

thorwil: Thanks, I agree about the bridge of the nose as well. I didn’t realize who thick it was till I duped and mirrored the face. It will be fixed in the next update.

Looks like a good start. Keep at it, and keep us posted.

Yeah, that’s what I meant. It looks as if the forehead would be flat, looking from the above view. It needs to be more rounded.

Ayt, thanks plex, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll round it out a bit when I et a chance.

He looks a bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger

(which is good)


Another update.

Been at it for a couple hours and I’m gonna call it a night. I’m pretty pleased with the way its coming out. There are a few problem areas though. The lips, and the jaw below the cheeks are the biggest problem areas. As for the chin, it looks kinda big, and I’m gonna keep it that way :slight_smile:

As previously recommended I did some work on the nose and the brow. I think I’m going to do low poly jaged hair and see how it looks.

C&C is appreciated

Looks quite good. I’m pretty sleepy right now. So I can’t really focus. But I don’t see anything to crit.

Looks quite promissing! Could you post a side view of the last one? I think the lower jaw it’s a bit bigger or something. Maybe it’s just the camera angle. Good work on the body.

well, all I have to say ears are my new bane. The ones Eldermore here has are ugly and probably break several rules, but I’m tired of working on em. C&C would be appreciated.

The head looks a bit long and boxy. Try to give the skull more volume.