My First Character Model

Hello, I am working on my first character model and am looking for any feedback. I have created a hand ( and the legs and body of the actual model ( I plan on attaching the two and then moving onto the head, but first I am hoping someone might be able to tell me how I could make the character better.

Thank you so much for your help.

Daniel Baker

I took a look at the files. It is a pretty good start. I was struggling to make a character too for a modeling contest. The Dragonrose video tutorials on really helped me. If you follow his method and work flow you will not really need to attach limbs to your model when done. Hope this link helps

Hello djbaker,

Good work avoiding the triangles and sticking to quads, makes subsurf much cleaner. I’ve had a look around for some tutorials to help you for a human character and here they are:

Upper Torso/Shoulder:

Entire Body in 5 sections: (Great! Found this one before, thought it had gone offline)

Face for animation:

I know you’re relatively new to Blender and some of this stuff might be a bit advanced for where you are at right now. Trust me, thats fine. Out of these, the last one ‘Face for animation’ would be the easiest one to start with and it will teach you about topology/edge loops if you’re not already familiar with that concept. Basically it’s how the edges flow around the mesh and connect back up nicely.

Hope thats of some help. In general, your proportions are pretty good for a beginner, my main comment at this stage would be to smooth out the main torso, he looks pretty ‘blocky’, whereas most humans tend to come in more curvy, pudgy forms.

Good luck and happy Blender-ing!

there are alot of usfal caricter modling vidio tutorials at
hope this helps, its halped me quite alot espesaly the one on uv mapping
and make shore you have disent refrence imajes set up propaly this helps enormasley