My first character model

Hi guys…this is my first character model and I would like to get some critique before I continue working on it. The views I’m providing are in orthographic so please keep that in mind. Also I would appreciate any comments regarding the armor I designed thus far. And thanks everyone for your input.


Starting off, i’m not really a guru on character but i feel like the proportions of the body are not right, here’s a good image showing giving you an insight:

You are missing a lot of very important landmarks of the female body. Especially at neck to body joint.

Shoulders are too wide and square for a female character.

Breasts are really wrong. Natural breasts have weight and need to fall down the body unless kept by some pushup, anyway i found this video very helpful, it’s about drawing but it very well works in 3d:

Chest needs more definition, more muscles and bones again, here’s a good image:

Pelvis is also a bit too wide and the gap between legs is too much.

But i really love the armor!

I hope i didn’t bring you down with my comment, if you can improve those parts, you will see the character will look a 100 times better.

Thanks for the resources you provided and your criticism. I’m going back to try to make those changes.

Yeah, it’s a good attempt but the proportions are off, I think the stomach is too thin for the hips ( they should have a curve in them but not that much of one and I think it’s just little things like the crotch area looking too square and so on. These are just pretty common proportion issues and should be easy to fix, also keep an eye on the head size, looks like you need to do some anatomy studies or just double check what you’re doing with fresh eyes.

I highly recommend:

These will help you study anatomy a lot better and are used a lot by artists.