My first character model

Hey everyone,
This is my first character model that doesn’t look like complete ****, I thought i’d share it with you guys for some reactions. Let me know what you think!
There are some little imperfections like the nurbs that aren’t completely closed.

Here she is! :slight_smile:

Cool stuff, ProGamer! Does she have a name? The angle and lighting give her an ominous feel. Kinda imagine her dramatically holding up a butcher knife for some reason, haha. :slight_smile:

I would have to agree with Loren Lemon that the lighting and angle with the real open wide eyes. Almost as a Coraline “other mother” feel to it, minus the button eyes. Pretty interesting.

The face needs more detail. I don’t want to sh** on your render because it’s a great start, but just little things like the hair looks like it’s sticking out of the face in certain places and the nose needs more detail to break it up from the rest of the face. Same as the others said too play around with lighting she currently looks like she’s murdered her whole family haha. Great job though

I kinda like the comments, indeed it looks kinda creepy and she could be holding more secrets to her then meets the eye.
Nice inspiration for the butcher knife, really taking that into consideration.
The darker look to it is completely the lighting in my opinion, I’ll update with other renders later.
maybe even wireframes, to get the flaws out!

I was actually to proud and happy with the result, to really look at her separated from what i felt.
Btw i really like cartoony oversized eyes, actually your not saying they are big but thats the way I interpreted it.

I hope to finish her completely rigged and game ready. For now I only have the head and chest.
I’ll have to ditch cycles for the materials and such if I do it in the BGE

Ps her name is Elaya, don’t have a sirname for her yet

@ mattydee8 your actually right :G it does look like the hair is comming out of her face :frowning:

This was the first render but the eyes look a bit of in my opinion,
Tell me if she looks a little less ominous and dramatic in different lighting.

@FlyingBanana because of your comment about the eyes, I might make a little change there.
@mattydee8 it’s in the subforum WIP! I post it here to hear opinions and point flaws out that I didn’t see.
So don’t feel like your s***tting on my render. :slight_smile: your giving an opinion on what you think is rather odd or of.

I will be posting it in focused critiques to.

Nice, the lighting here gives her a neutral look. Cool how the angle is still low but the way you cropped it has changed the feel of the image. Elaya seems more attractive here in contrast to the first image where she was still attractive but also scary. :slight_smile:

Her eyes being opened wide in this lighting gives off an edgy feel, kinda like a visual representation of a wild side to her personality in contrast to before where she still looked wild but you know, in a psychotic way, haha. But in both cases that’s a lighting thing. Perhaps you should play around with her eyelids and see how you feel with them covering more of each eyeball. Personally though, to add onto FlyingBanana’s idea of how she fits a persona; her wide open eyes in this context plays perfectly into the role of a ‘fiery redhead’. :smiley:

Hope you get some more feedback to help you along.

i dont like crazy eyes. everything else is well done.