My first character (WIP)

(hannibar) #1

Maybe some of you remember the foot WIP I posted a while ago. This is what grew from it. It is supposed to be some sort of mutating human, but texturing will make that more clear.



(digitalSlav) #2

very nice… i would probably add a little more form to the hips though. kinda just runs legs into torso right now. i would add a little more form to the leg muscle as well. Great start though! I’m a sucker for anything with a breather or gasmask :slight_smile: can’t wait to see more please keep us updated

(dotblend) #3

tm techie, your site is not working…

damn geosities!

ow, and about the foot…

wat about the toe that now is on the inside, it’s looking kinda strange… like if it’s on the wrong side… rest if the model is nice!

(CKnapp) #4

So far it looks pretty good. I’m with TmTechie on the subject of the hips. He seems to have no pelvis at all, just the abdomen and legs. The ab muscles just flow right down to his groin. If you look at a normal human the abs stop above the pelvis. Since he apparently used to be a normal human, I just find it odd that the pelvis would simply dissappear from his anatomy.

Can’t wait to see it come farther along and get textured (maybe animated as well?).

(S68) #5

:o Cool :o

It has grown a lot!


(hannibar) #6

thanks for the constructive comments :slight_smile: I’ll work alittle more on it.