my first character

well, here is my first character that is not a ball with eyes and arms! i still need to do texturing, better lighting, and a few more pozes! but before that i want some tips and comments…

ok…i know it sux…but i need suggestions on how to improve it! so at least give any comment!

Perhaps you could make the feet nicer. The head is quiet nice but overall it is very low poly. A simple manner to change this it to press the -autosmooth- butten in the material window. Or you could set on -set smooth- or -subsurface- on. The character is really nice but the arms are more like sticks than like arms and legs. Try to create the arms thinner in the middle and where a joint is a bit thicker. That creates nicer effects. Feel free to use more verticles, it created nicer effects (don’t do it if this cgharacter is for a game or if your pc is very slow :wink: )

Should the cat look like it is metal or havent you noticed teh materials? :wink: Try to decrease (or set to 0 ) the shinyness and reflections and perhaps give the cat a little bunpmap to simulate hears.

Good luck, mail pics when you are make progress

If you’dd like me to take a look at the cat, post the .blend file here or mail it to me to [email protected]


alright! some real help! thanks man! i havent decided yet if i want him metally or not…i’ll try them both and see what looks better.
thanks again!