my first clips with a new camcorder. have deaf-related questions.

while this is not strictly blender3d related, I do intend to use this new skill set to learn how to integrate 3D into live action. well, the clip itself will explains more.

Mainly I’m just here to see if anybody here knows of a better alternative to the microsoft movie maker while still being as simple to use (for subtitling). I’ve tried other software like Jahshaka and Avidemux and they are just too complicated for me.

And I would like to see what you think of the subtitles quality, do you think it should be a different color for better clarity or is there some tricks I could use to improve my subtitling ability?

The clip have absolutely no sounds since I’m deaf but I wonder if anybody knows of any good “neutral” music filler that I could be permitted to use to help make it easier for the hearings to watch the clips. (if somebody here makes some good music, I’ll be willing to put it in my clips with the credits in the descriptions)

Anyway, here is the clip,

P.S. I’ve just noticed that I opens my mouth a little too much in the clips. gotta learn how to control my face better in the future. (I do speaks well, however I generally don’t speaks when I do clips like this and this makes my mouth movement a little exaggerated)

May i ask if you where born deaf?
If so i would skip the music. For me music is a way of selfexpression, so any music would distort your personality in the eyes of the hearing to what they connect with this music.

And if you can speak, just speak in the videos too… its also easier for you you dont have to postproduce the subtitles…

For your software question… Cinelerra is pretty good, linux only though:, also Kino is good, linux only though too.
For windows, open source and freeware a good hint is virtualDUB.

i wasn’t born deaf but i might as well be since i had spinal meningitis within a few months.

but i still would like to have some musics since i’m a bit more “hearing-oriented” than many of my deaf friends and i support better relationship between the deaf and the hearing in terms of communication.

even if i speaks, my “accent” may makes it a bit difficult to understand anyway so i will continue to use the subtitles, especially since my signs of certain words may be differents in different areas. there are multiples signs for many words depending on locality, for example, I know of about 4 differents sign for “birthday” from moving around. I just want to make my clips as clear as possible with subtitles.

I’ve looked at VirtualDUB and it seems pretty confusing too lol. Guess I’ll just work with the movie maker until I learn more about editing videos then I’ll try these programs later on.

I used Movie maker for a while, its a bit clunky tho. You can use Blender for video editing apparently, but ive yet to find any decent tutorials, so i haven’t had much luck using it.

Also, if your interested, i wrote a short tutorial on how to integrate Blender 3D stuff into real footage, using Blender for everything except the camera tracking (which is also covered in the tutorial using the open source program Voodoo). So if your interested i could send it to you (its a 1.3 mb, 8 page tutorial).

Its a bit rough at the moment, but im planning to put it up on my website with an updated version, when i get around to making a website.

awesome :slight_smile: I was trying to do just that earlier today but Blender crashed on me and I couldn’t get it back :frowning: Either way, it was clear that I needed more info on how to do things properly so that tut could really help.

So just let me know (via PM) how you would like to send it to me and I’ll check it out :smiley:

Consider yourself Pm’d. :rolleyes:

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LOL! yeah… vDub is the Blender under the Videoediting tools… it takes time to get into the UI and its functions… however, check out Pinnacle Studio. If you like it i got a legal licence of PinnacleStudio 10 or 11 and i havent used it once ^^. If you like it, I could search the CD, i was just looking where i have it… I am not sure if i am able to find it again, but if so, i PM you the licence key and can host the installer on my webspace… (no worries, the software was a free giveaway so i am not ubergenerous, i am just making good use of junk i dont need :smiley: )