My First Completed Image


I just registered here. Anyway, I made my first serious attempt at a 3D image with Blender yesterday. I rendered it, then “filtered” it in Photoshop. Btw, how old are you guys here? I’m 14.

Here it is.

not bad for a fist image… the wall seems a bit flat though.

ow, im 18

Nice image!

I’m 13.

Nice - needs work but good first! :wink:

15 :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys!

I bought the Blender 2.3 Guide so I should get better… hopefully :slight_smile:

That looks cool with the filter, nice work for your fist go. Man, blender has some youngins! I’m 21…I suddenly feel old. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re not the only twenty year old here, theeth is twenty. :smiley:

im 14 i turned 14 the other day(wich means it was my birthday ;)) nice image i agree with them up there bout the image.

I’m 24 :o man I’m old. And I think that explains a lot of things, especially why our ways of looking at Blender modells are so different. I usually post my works on the Polish cg forum where everyone is at least 18 and the avarage is 23 years old. Begginers don’t have easy life there but if you endure hard times at the beginning and keep up the ambition to reach other guys level then you will make really great progress.

Heh, Kroopson, we’re the aging crowd here, eh? (25).

The image is a bit too PP’ed for my tastes.

Fine for a first blend though.

Maybe less specularity on the bricks?

Twenties!!! Ewww! :wink:

I’m 15 too :D.


15 here. And nice start for your first blend.

wow im only 17 yet i feel old compared to half the forum.

Nice pic, very wallparery(phisical one)…I’d like to see the unfiltered version…btw welcome aboard! I’m 26…but I think there are older users :wink: 8)

Interesting effect from PS. I feel very old (33). :frowning:

Nice image. It would look even better if you gave those bricks a nice bump map or something. It looks way too flat, especially on closest piece of the wall.

But it certainly looks better than my first render :slight_smile:

Nice first render, I’m 29 with a wife and two little ones.

Well since everyone seems to be doing it :wink:
I’m 20 8)

I don’t want to be the only member that doesn’t post his/her age here so I’m 17

Nice start…I’m 18 :slight_smile: