My first complex model...

This is my first complex model. It’s not perfect, but I’m proud of it anyway. The back legs need more shape and the mouth needs work. Once I’m happy with the model, I’ll work on the rigging and textures.

cool !

but the area between the eyes need a little more shape. it’s currently too flat IMO.

Nice work.

It’s a little boxy in areas. Also, you have a lot of poly’s that look like they are unnecessary for the topology that you have. You could get the same basic sahpe with about 1/3 less poly’s as you currently have.

Watch for those triangles at the top of the eyes too. You may want to fix those.


It looks nice the way it is but my only crit here is that it’s pretty square.

looks good but the back legs are just to thin. maybe i am wrong but arent frogs supposed to have nice strong musclular legs for jumping?

This is going to be a red-eyed tree frog. I admit that the back legs need more shape but in reality their legs are pretty skinny. Maybe I’ll post a couple reference images.

Thanks for the suggestions.