My first contribution

(mthoenes) #1

Hannah: Facial Animation - 544K Video Clip - Codec: Microsoft MPEG4 - go to gallery link

I highly recommend the books Character Animation Vol 1 and 2 for anyone considering Character animation. They really got me over the Hump when is comes to modeling a head for animation. I am still working on getting my armature setups highly animatable. Look for more advanced animations coming soon.

I look forward to the interaction of this forum group.

(Lyubomir) #2

Hi mthoenes,
I’ve seen this animation before. It’s nice. I can tell by the look of her face that she’s the “happy” kind of girl - always smiling.
The animation itself is a bit “floaty” but I suppose that’s because she’s sleepy :wink: A secondary motion in the hair would be nice too.

>I look forward to the interaction of this forum group.

Oh, sure! Why don’t you pass by our chat channel ?
port 6667

(mthoenes) #3

Absolutely right about the secondary motion. I have been trying to decide whether to use armatures, RVK’s or a Lattice to do it. What would you recommend. About her beeing sleepy, I know what you mean. I am working on an expression series for her. Happy, Sad, surprised, curious, etc… I need to mess with her eyes as well, I am thinking about replacing her eyes with those pixar eyes you did your tutorial about…Nice!


(Hos) #4

Hi – tried to view your animation,
but my player didn’t like it.
What codec did you use?


(mthoenes) #5

Posted a new version in Cinepack. It is a bit longer, includes some walk cycle stuff. I need to get these animations to be streaming so you do not have to download the whole thing to see it. Also got a tutorial about cartoon eyes posted.