my first cool rendering

Isn’t the moon normally a bit further away from the Earth than that??
Oh, and clouds needed.
Looks cool :smiley: :smiley:

3 pieces of advice:

  1. give a direct link to the pic. saves annoying search time.
  2. dont make your websites with “free web tools that let you make kick-ass websites without programming”, cause i just feel thats really lame. if you cant do html, then get an old version of netobjects fusion with your computer mag (the newest one i found was 4.0).
  3. the moon should be smaller, and an atmosphere should be added to the earth. there was a thread running around here…i think m@dcow (now d@veyboy) posted a method of achieving this effect a few months ago. you might want to do a quick search.

i like the spaceship. has a Wing Commander feel to it sort of, kind of, maybe… :wink:

Hey, I thought the site looked good. I agree that it will help to learn HTML and then eventually make your own site but if the person dosn’t know this looks mighty fine. Maby removing the “…hosted by…” stuff at the bottom with a text editor would be a good idea.

However I do agree with blendermax, please post direct links to your images (or to the HTML page containg the image) so we don’t have to look for it.

Anyway, onto the pictures. I agree with the other comments about the moon/earth. The spaceship looks good, many of the objects are modeled, which is good. You should tweak at the stars to make them look more likes stars instead of snow.

I have added a new image:

by the way, i wasnt trying to put you down, geluta…

Great gallery,
what about bigger images.

Great pics! Is oversampling on, it looks a bit rough, though it might be the resolution; maybe you could make bigger renders.

Good modelling. The quality is…uhm

Looks like mpeg vidcaps to me

hehe that ship is from babylone 5 lol hehe

anyway good pic, btu the quality is a bit “low”…the first pic look like it don,t have OSA on…

anywa, for the big babylone ship, did you mdoel it? cause I know you can download it somewhere. If you mdoel it, Good job! If not, well now that you experienced the rendering…model it! :smiley:

the first ships actually look quiete a lot like the ¿x-wings? i think from star wars. the second ship look like tken from homeworld, however darker. hey what is it that you Gr8RedShark have with wingcommander. you shoul’d place the amosfhere, instead place the wind currents

huh??? :expressionless:

huh??? :|[/quote]

maybe some wingcommander-buff-jargon… %|

i was asking gr8RedShark if he’s a wingcommander fan, cuz this is not the first time he posts a critic finding a similarity between any spaceships made by any guy over here and a wingcommander ship. i thought Gelutu shouldn’t make an atmosphere but the wind currents, the clouds that move in our sky, if somebody undrstands what i wrote