my first crack at blender

starting off with a pop. yeah what do you expect…working with very few tools, as you can see. i dont really know my way around yet, but that’s not holding me back from trying! this is the simplest thing that i could model under my newbi circumstances…

no more work going into this one. hey its just the first anyway.

that’s a darn good first. try set smooth in edit buttons to get rid of the faceted look.

:smiley: thanx slikdigit, all in time i guess. there are so many controles that i dont know yet… maybe i should get the book…


Welcome to Blender and to the Elysiun community, JJsPencil! That’s a nice first post you’ve got there. Don’t worry about finding your way around. You’ll figure out what you need soon :wink: Blender’s a huge and growing program with lots of cool features that many “experienced” users are just starting to explore :slight_smile:

Good luck in your progress, and take care.


Lookin’ good! I wish my first blend was as good as that! I would advise you get the 2.3 guide, it’s an excellent book, covers all sorts of useful things that are nice to know about blender. You can get them at the e-shop.

Wonderful first attempt. If only MY first render was just as good.

nice work

Agreed. About the first render too :slight_smile:

good job. welcome! :smiley:

to all you people,

Modron, HOSJ, dante, digital_me and Robertt. Thank you all for making me feel welcome here, and for helping me on my way to better 3D.


Welcome JJ! That’s great for your first try at modeling in Blender. Hey you’re not “really” new to 3d modeling are you, hehehe?

ain’t that the truth. I’ve been using it…man, 4 years…and I STILL haven’t touched UV texturing tools or the game engine.

Your first?!

Please tell me you’ve used other 3D modelling programs before Blender.
I think I would still have trouble modelling that fish. :expressionless:


GREAT start man… keep it up!! I can’t remember my frist crack at blender, but i think it involved a singular cube… with material color i think…

my first render was so bad, I, well… imagine a bunch cylinders, two spotlights, and you basically have it.

:o Your first attempt! Wow!

Very nice. Try smoothing the surface to eliminate facets and consider adding a fill-light below and to the right of the fish, perhaps with a nice cool blue shade.

hey man thats pretty good for a start. if u want any help on getting around in blender you can go to and check out the tutorials they have there they should give you a good start. im pretty newb too but the tutorials really helped. i would show u my first project but i dont know how to post it without it being on a websit. :expressionless:

alltaken has a web site to upload pics for free

Very Cool! Did you use vertex painting?

heh. i havent been getting around to do anything yet, ben really busy. um, im not sure what vertex painting is, sorry…