My first decent blender model

Real pencil:

Kind of painful- took awhile to do, since I’m not really used to surface modelling (prefer CSG). May have some scaling issues since I judged size by holding pencil up to monitor.

Need to add clip, texturing, grooves in grip and eraser holder,

How would one cut the grooves in grips and eraser holder without using bumpmaps? Also, for the triangular grip I had to manually edit a large number of vertices to merge the sides after spinduping. Is there an easier way of doing this? Also, how do you array parts like in AutoCAD, and is there any easy way of specifying precise coordinates, angles, etc (n-key is inefficient since one has to move between mouse and keyboard to move on to the next field)?

Also, how long does it take to produce something simple like this? This took me ~6 hours…


Try using face loop cut to make cuts around the mesh (KKEY+FACE LOOP CUT) until you have enough. Then change the type of editing mode to face modelling and select the faces you want, and extrude. scale them on the correcty axis and you’ll have some nice grooves. I’ve never used Auto Cad so I can’t help you there.

It looks like you changed a part that was metal to wood. That’s ok, but be sure to make the wood slightly reflective. A long way from perfect on the materials but your getting there.

Hope this helps!


what you could do to create groves is just use ctrl-r and create verticies and model it

Ah, thanks- loop cut helps a lot.
Is there any way to automate stiching meshes together? Say I spin something but there are slight gaps- can those be automatically filled?

Is there a more efficient way of making the triangular grip other than spinning a nurb curve and modifying one side? Combining that, knife cuts, and loop cuts seems to produce some artifacts, and a 5 year old TNT2 can’t handle too many vertices.

Oh, and the tube is supposed to be plastic :wink: .

for merging you can aslo remove doubles, just select all the verticies you want to join and got to the editting panel in the buttons window and with all the buttons for subdividing and stuff there should be remove doubles with a number box beside it, raise the number a bit as to how far apart your verticies are and click, if all goes well yhey should be joined but if it did noyt go so well just under whth the ‘u’ key and try again, hope i was of some help :wink: