My first (decent) human head.

Thanks for the help RagingChaos66, traitor, and Rambobaby!

Here is my first model of the human head. I can’t model ears (yet), so I just did a basic one.
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Any suggestions on how I can improve it?

great start, why am i being thanked?

I am a noob ya know…

From the topic I posted last night…

I did not know you could do that, I guess it may come in handy someday…

After reading several head tutorials and looking at some awesome WIPs modeling heads, I decided to modify or start over on my head. Here is the previous model.

I think the model could be simplified a lot. It also needs some edge loops (?) around the mouth.

Any other suggestions before I start over?

Here’s basic topology that I found very helpful for head…

I hope it made sense…
The rule #1 of good topology is to follow the basic shapes. Like… around eyes create rounded topology… create laugh line, then rounded one for mouth. You get an idea. :slight_smile:

Thanks DreamMaster, I’ll give it a go! Hopefully I will have it done within the next few days :wink:

There’s quite a few triangles that look they easily could be removed.

A lot of good replies here. I ahve to agree with the triangles, that they need to be removed.

DreamMaster Do you use a drawing pad?


Maybe you can learn from my mistakes too. Just look at each page in the thread to see progress of my female and what things I corrected, etc.
Click my WIP link below.


There’s a good ear tutorial here:

…and my head thread here:

…though their ears won’t get half as much detail as in the tutorial.

Yes intuos 2 6x8