My first Demo Reel

Hi everyone,

this is my first demo reel. As you will see I’m a generalist, so there is not only Blender material in there. All the 3D stuff is Blender obviously, but the backgrounds for the samurai scenes were also created in Blender and touched up in After Effects afterwards.

Critique, suggestions and, of course, praise welcome. :wink:



I see you like batman.

Thanks! Indeed, I do. :wink: Among other things (like Mechs, Samurai and people shooting at each other).

I like the first model. Reminds of Medabots :slight_smile:

Sorry double post

Nice work bro, Nice art work,but I would like to see the robot in the work station instead of snow. LOL Nice work, really hats off, I like it.

If you mean the blue one, that is a Tachikoma from the Japanese anime franchise Ghost in the Shell. It is not a perfect copy though, I took some liberties (read: I was lazy).

I don’t really get the joke, if there was one, but thank you! :wink: