My First Digital Painting

Trying out Photoshop Digital Painting work. Critiques please!


I like where you are going I like how its painted but I would suggest enlarging the Focal point. Right now it feels like the focus of the image is a nice landscape oh there is something in the distance but its not important. Enlarge the focal point either by cropping out the background or increasing the focal point size. If its supposed to be an establishing shot that could work as is, where the next image you make shows what is going on up close. Oh and Is Guro-gu The name of your company? I know of some city’s in South Korea AKA The republic of Korea. That name is not familiar.

Thanks for the Reply @Softwarespecial

it is establishing shot for sure but as i hear you though, yes focal point is pretty small, and background is way to big. in the process of making of this landscape, establishing realistic scale was hard for me. so that could be a problem that i need to solve.

and Guro-gu is not company name… it is south Korea city. must be my mistake making profile.

by the way thanks for critiques!

Kim Tae Kyun


stick to that painting Style I love images who have a traditional
painterly look.

My Favorite Korean Word panana dul With a soft p.


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