My first: Empty Glass On Wooden Table

And here it is:

The wood doesn’t look so realistic, but I tried my best.

wood does look a bit smudgy, maybe, but it’s not really all that bad. Wood is a hard one to get right.

The glass is missing something tho. Namely, reflections. it probably IS reflective, but there’s just not much to reflect. Try adding some stuff off camera (like above the camera and off the the side or something) that it can reflect. It can be anything, you could just use a photo of an interior or something and have it positioned so it would be reflected and distorted by the glass. but i mean, that’s just if you want to… that might be a later project or something. I know when i first got started in Blender i just had fun poking around for a couple weeks just making random stuff and hitting render to see what it looked like.

That said, First project, pretty good. Welcome to the boards and to Blender. :smiley:

Good work on your first project!

Probably could sharpen up the wood texture and perhaps make the scene a bit brighter but really - like has already mentioned - perhaps this is something to note for later projects.

Anyway good work and keep it up…


adding some refraction/shadows/caustics would make it much more realistic.

other than that it looks like a neat scene, good work.