My First EVER 3D Model, "Anime/Human Head" - Need Some Help Too!

It’'s been a while since I’ve worked on it, weeks actually, cause I don’t know how to add eyelashes. I can add eyebrows and, I understand the particles system, but I’m not sure on how to do eyelashes. Also I have a problem with the hair, though it’s not in the version of the model, I’ve tried it and I keep getting a Bald area on the top of the head now matter how man hairs I add. Can anyone, help I with setting tips or tutorial links or something, I greatly appreciate it.

I’m still tweaking the following.

  • ears (Definitely the BIGGEST Flaw)
  • nostril holes
  • head
  • neck
  • eye lids
  • eye - nose area
  • nose bone area

Here’s a pick of model/.blend 87-9.

And here’s a all around video of it, but this model is different. This model is .blend 107