My first ever 3D scene.

I’m completely new to Blender, as well as 3D modeling in general. I’ve had it only for a week. After watching a bunch of tutorials, and learning the interface, I decided to try my hand at modeling.

Here are my first ever 3d models:

After I finished those, I decided to move onto something a little more complex – a full 3D scene with a couple simple objects, and a background.

Here’s my first ever 3D Scene:

I think it’s a big step up from my first two objects, but being a complete noob at lighting, as well as everything else that has to do with 3D, I wanted to know what you guys think.

What are your thoughts, and/or some suggestions regarding lighting and textures?

Thanks :slight_smile:

WOW for a first scene its really reallt good i tell ya ;] you have relections nice textures ray shadows ?
keep up us posted what you will model next ;]

lol. Thanks. :o

I’m actually working on a quick trophy for (believe it or not), my Fantasy Football league. lol
I’m also using it to try, for the first time, simple animation.

I’ll post it here as soon as it’s done rendering. :slight_smile:

Just finished rendering, and I imported it into flash.

Here’s the .swf format of it:

For some reason the shadows like, flicker or something. Can’t figure that one out. Any help?

My first try at animation (although it’s rather simple), but what do you think of the Trophy itself? My wood texture needs a little work, but any other suggestions?