My first ever Demo Reel!

Hi! I’ve been using blender for about 6 years now, but I’m studying animation for 6 months or so. This is my first Demo Reek and I’d really like if you guys could maybe critique it and give me some tips! Thanks.

Your reel page shows only ads. If you wanna get critic, just give us your reel, not advertising page.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. I clicked the link and I got a video not ads. Maybe try this link
Sorry if I did anything wrong according to the forum rules.

Nice, but this is’t a “demo reel” this is a video on animation’s test. Demo reel is different.
Well is a good animations, fluid and a very good work.
Take a look at end the all cycles, we can see the end, is not It is not very fluid when the cycle starts again.
We see the break.
But very good job! continues to work :wink:

When ever I clicked the the play button, it opens a new tab to some advert page. Youtube and Video are a lot more professional for video hosting. If you link this to someone who would be your future employer, he would definitely just close the tab and never come back before even seeing your animation.

Don’t click on the big play button click on the smaller one on the tool bar …
It didn’t really feel like a demo reel

It did not matter which one I clicked, both of them did go to that ad page and now I stop clicking his ad trap. He has collected enough money from my clicks.

weird it worked for me the first time but now its just ads.

ArMan’s got the right of it on this; SendVid seems more appropriate for viral videos that need to be milked for ad revenue. I’d say Vimeo is probably the most professional, easily accessible video player you could upload to. Good work anyway, although I’d say some of the animations need to be given another pass to make it a bit nicer (like the foot slowing down on that run cycle).

Keep at it!