My first ever finished picture

I know this is probably a boring picture for all of you.
But I am just so happy that I finaly start to get a grip of blender.
I have ben trying to learn blender for abou 4 month now.
This is the first projekt that I finished. I did this one because
we are about to compose a photoshoot that will look like this,
so I thought I might give it a try to create it in blender.
As I said, it is a really boring picture, but excellent for a beginner.

I know you will have a lot of critisism but that ok. I am all ears!!!



Not too bad for the first time. I love the backgroung.
I dont know how is your original look like, but try to make it more reflective and put some world for it to reflect. Also make it a little more transperent. Could you also make some part of a Crismass tree that holding that thing :P? Would be nice to see that branch with a little bit of blur.
There are also a few stuff you can do with the metal part , but not gong to go too deep. For the first job its very well done. Keep it up

Thanks Vova, I will try to do the stuff you said.
There actuallly is a world reflection on the ball but maby I did turn it down to much.
I will try to make it a bit stronger. Yea maby I should try to make a tre branch, good idea.
yea I also think the metal looks a bit to perfect. It needs some “dirt” on it. I´m working on
learning how to do that. What would be the best way to do this??

Thanks for the feedback!


And dont forget to add a world the ball can reflect, I mean even if you turn it up if it has nothing to reflect it wont help much.

Many ppl do it different way…I would make your metal complitely rusty then unwrap the metal make a golden texture with black lines around the edges in UV window. Then combine 2 textures together and select alpha(where black would become transperent, and you will be able to see your rust trough gold) and little bit of bump.
If you need this step by step, no problem, just let me know

It’s neat. The color has an oilpainty feel to it, esp. the background. It has a bit of interest to it.

Thanks for all the replies guys …
i will continue my journey of learning :o)

i think it’s perfect except the metal part that is just a little too clean, just add a texture to it :wink: