My first ever house architectural visualization

Hi all,

Not much to say just as the title states.
I would love to hear your constructive critique and suggestions. This was also my first ever paid archviz assignment
At times I thought I was never gonna make it, so much was there to learn. I was very lucky there was no rush with this project too.
Sky replacement with photoshop.


Nice! Congratulations on the commision.

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Nice job for your first paid gig !

I think the thing that catches the eye instantly is the fact that your texture ( mostly the white bricks ) tiles too obviously. Obviously you would have some pattern in real life too but not so perfect.
Speaking of perfect, the grass and the bushes could have some variations. What sells an archviz image is the fact that nothing is perfect in real life, so for exemple the tree bushes and the little bushes in the second render look too identical.

I also think these renders could use some post-process on photoshop, to play with colors, saturation, levels etc…
I recommand watching Nicolai Becker on youtube, he has some awesome tutorials on colors, ambiances etc… in archviz.
Otherwise great work and keep it up :slight_smile:


Thanks. I watched the artist you recomended. I will definitely impliment certain things in the future projects.

In fact I was gonna impliment some mist passes to creates more atmosphere environment but my client didn’t care
much about it. I had grass variation all over with some dry grass and clumps but client insisted on the generic " perfect" look so I took it away.

I was wondering how to impliment facade brick variation from PBR tecture…hmm… Any idea how? Texture was quiet small to start with so when I scaled bricks down to the right size it all became evident as you say :slight_smile:

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Argh… the classical “I want it perfect” client. Its honestly really annoying but whatever. This is what clients want from architects nowadays so I can understand but it truly limits your creativity sometimes.
And for the texture I would simply choose another texture I think, maybe try a smaller one, in bridge maybe ?

I couldn’t hardly persuaded my client, he was quiet stoic about it stating “i am gonna plant and grow excellent grass”. It did limited my creativity and somewhat killed off my enthusiasm to persuade more in perfecting the scene since it’s not been appreciated or understood.

Another thing I was on the continues loop of adjustments due to client not knowing what he wants best which I stopped at some point by starting to charge extra. Then all suddenly slowed down and we wrapped up the project :slight_smile:

I think one thing I could do is to upscale it since photoshop does it quiet well. It’s new neural engine feature.

It really depends on the client, sometimes they really let you do what you want and thats awesome. Honestly sometime I find architects ( even though im in architecture school ) to be proud-a**. They always know more than everyone else, but without being carried away I think everyone should let YOU, the artist, decide what is best since its your job. I really hope you find clients like that in the futur, keep it up ahah

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